Customized Preventative Maintenance Program

Catch wear items before your periodic inspection - reducing repair costs and down time.

Trester's CPM program includes the following services as needed:

1.  Chain or wire rope lubrication

  • Lack of lubrication will lead to dry load chain, causing damage to internal components of a hoist.
  • Potential repair costs per hoist start at $1300 and 5-15 days out of service

2.  Limits checked and set

  • Limits not being set can cause damage to the hoist frame, internal components and product
  • Potential repair costs per hoist start at $1400 and 8-18 days out of service

3.  Oil levels checked and topped off in hoist, trolley and bridge gearboxes

  • Lack of oil internally will cause damage that won't be detected until it's too late

4.  Grease trolley wheels, bridge wheels, sheaves and line shafts

  • Damage is caused from lack of lubrication, leaving metal surfaces to come in direct contact with eachother and accelerate wearing


Minor abuse of a hoist compounded by not being identified in 6-12 months leads to expensive repairs and extensive downtime!

Protect your investments now and start your CPM program today!